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The evolution of the needs of corporates’ treasury management presents an opportunity for banks to differentiate themselves by offering new, more comprehensive and sophisticated services.

Industry approach: a client-centric global transaction banking model

Goldman Sachs’ recent entry in the global transaction banking space has enabled the company to carefully consider the design, deployment and principles around the platform from the very early stages of development. This provided the opportunity to deploy an agile, robust transaction banking platform that can readily adapt to changing market demands and serve as a cost-effective solution for the end user. Creating a single user experience for customers and offering consistency and an extremely nimble interface provide insight into the future of treasury.

To address market and client needs, Goldman Sachs built a modern technology stack and a global, cloud-based platform complete with modularized services accessible via multiple channels. The focus was on simplifying internal processes by emphasizing consistency: one place where data gets stored and reported across all channels, one ledger and one instance of the platform using the same connectivity channels across regions.

As a result of a client-centric design that included enhancements based on customer feedback, the platform is highly compatible with client infrastructure as well as third-party partners. This means that it was designed in response to market demand and customer needs. Furthermore, it is not constrained by old, legacy technology, nor is it hampered by the need to layer new functionality onto multiple disparate systems, which is time consuming and costly. Setting up an infrastructure that allows for customization is a differentiator in the market that enables greater flexibility and responsiveness.

Preparing to meet changing market demands

Goldman Sachs has built a modern, robust transaction banking platform and is committed to maintaining its pace of expansion and innovation while listening to and addressing client needs. As treasury continues to witness innovation across all areas, Goldman Sachs’ nimble, responsive approach means it continues to offer a wide variety of innovative services that are easily integrated into a client’s treasury system.


Recent trends illustrate how corporate clients are gravitating toward digitalization, real-time insights, and real-time cash management and cash positioning. At the same time, treasurers seek greater customization and control over treasury solutions. The time is right for banks to examine and assess the case for a modern, cloud-based transaction banking platform that is equipped with capabilities and technologies that position treasurers at the forefront of treasury transformation, now and in the future.


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