Ne-Lo Business Design Launches The Anatomy of Marketing platform


Founders of business design consultancy Ne-Lo, Kieran Antill and Ross Hastings, have launched, a platform set up to service brand and marketing agencies, as well as businesses directly.

First developed internally by Ne-Lo to help clients take a company-wide approach to marketing, the Anatomy of Marketing (AoM) uses the analogy of the human anatomy to articulate how the fundamentals of modern marketing connect across an entire organisation.

As they began to share the AoM model and methodology, Antill and Hastings said they received requests from a range of agencies and companies eager to use AoM to build their internal alignment and capability.

Interest has also come from educational institutions, drawn by the proposition of a singular view of connected marketing fundamentals. The Anatomy of Marketing team has already delivered a session with University of Sydney Business School’s Executive MBA and is working on a program with the Berlin School of Creative Leadership.

Hastings says: “We have lofty ambitions for The Anatomy of Marketing; we see it transforming the marketing industry in the same way that Gray’s Anatomy revolutionised the medical industry. Providing a single reference point to drive innovation, focus education, and vastly improve client outcomes across multiple disciplines.

“To achieve this, we actively encourage discussion, debate, challenges, and open dialogue – after all, Gray’s Anatomy is on its 42nd edition and counting.”

As digital technologies, especially AI, become increasingly integral to marketing, Antill says the need for The Anatomy of Marketing has become even more pronounced.

He explains: “AI technologies are revolutionising all areas of business, none more so than marketing. However, this revolution brings complexity, as marketers must now understand both traditional marketing principles and the intricacies of AI and other digital technologies.

“AI will accelerate us towards rapid executions but until we release all control, we need the common language of the anatomy as a critical reference for effective, data-driven marketing decisions that leverage AI’s capabilities while remaining grounded in proven marketing fundamentals.

“This anatomy is not only to align humans, but also to train AI. Without it, brands will dilute themselves by choosing disparate executions versus a cohesive strategy that builds and the potential for existing misalignment and inconsistencies to be increased exponentially is high.”


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