IKEA Marketing Strategy 2024: A Case Study


Founded in 1943, Ikea operates 422 stores in 50+ markets. The favored furniture brand has an impressively wide customer base, with nearly 70% of its stores in Europe. Ikea added 19 stores last year, including its first in India. The Ikea marketing strategy includes some of the most iconic logos, campaigns and companies in recent history.  

Ikea Marketing Strategy

The Ikea marketing strategy contributes majorly to its success because it’s original, imaginative, and distinctive while maintaining a transparent value proposition.

A Creative, Consistent Brand Theme

From the Swedish national colors on its buildings to rich meatballs in its store cafeterias, Ikea’s marketing strategy reflects its cultural heritage proudly. It infuses all elements of their identity with a sense of self-assuredness that maintains their identity in the market of stiff competition. 

Emphasizing Affordability and Sustainability 

Understanding that a simple tiered strategy won’t encourage repeat business, Ikea extends customization, flexibility, and mix-and-match furniture modules. It effectively combines the elements of affordability and sustainability in its marketing strategy to ensure success.

While the furniture options don’t pledge a lifelong guarantee, the products are built to last. Even its reusable shopping bags reflect its commitment to sustainability.

Sponsorship and Influencers 

IKEA-sponsored comedic series Easy to Assemble. Its innovative content marketing was way different from a furniture product demo. Incorporating sponsored digital marketing campaigns and social media influencers have boosted the Ikea marketing strategy. 


Ikea’s Easy to Assemble Series

Exceptional In-store Experience

Ikea brilliantly displays products employing the best lighting systems to generate more sales. It strategically arranges best-matched items in mock rooms to encourage impulse purchases and inspire decor. The company also extends excellent customer service to provide a memorable experience and incite customers to come back for more.


Ikea’s Store Decor for Inspiration

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Website and Mobile Application Marketing

Ikea ensures an optimal mobile website’s speed, button displays and gesture controls on its website and mobile app to retain and attract individuals to the site. It carefully invests in its UI/UX, enquiry-based chatbot, and regular updates on new offers, discounts, and promotions. 

One of the most successful marketing moves includes downloading its 3D modeling app to envision a dream home. It’s one of its most successful marketing moves that allows IKEA to upsell its low-demand items by creating a desire in its customers to revamp the room.


Ikea’s Website With Engaging Content

Ikea’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Ikea’s marketing strategy aims at enhancing the site’s visibility for relevant searches to attract the attention of new and existing customers. It includes the right product-specific keywords and Google advertisements to further augment its organic ranking.  


Ikea Ranking for Bookcases on Google’s First Page

Ikea’s SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Ikea’s handles are very active on digital marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. Their digital presence is impressive, with more than 30 Million likes on Facebook, 1 Million followers on Instagram, 5.3k followers on Twitter, and 41.2k subscribers on YouTube.


Ikea’s Instagram Profile

Its Instagram bio links to its website. The website also has links to its various social media posts. Its ‘view shop’ and ‘call’ options for product catalog and direct assistance, respectively, are a testament to a well-crafted Ikea marketing strategy.   


Ikea’s Youtube Advertisements 

IKEA also conducts free online workshops that lure lots of enthusiastic customers, resulting in gaining leads.


Ikea’s Online Workshop Ad

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Content Marketing

Ikea relies on its content marketing strategy to create a distinguished presence amongst furniture brands. Its commercials, print ads, social media, and website stands out with attention-grabbing content. It combines innovation and humor to present the brand’s core values and inspire people. 


Ikea’s Captivating Commercial 


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