Homeowner stunned after local business uses their garden for quick advertising opportunity: ‘I’d be pretty upset’


A homeowner’s decorative stump was rudely vandalized by a local business looking to drum up customers.

In a post on Reddit’s r/mildlyinfuriating community, the annoyed homeowner shared a photo of the offending plastic sign advertising a stump removal service stapled right onto their yard art.

"They shouldn't have come onto your property ... period."
Photo Credit: Reddit

“I have a native plant yard,” the poster wrote. “Some a****** stapled this plastic sign to a decorative stump in the middle of my front yard.”

The sign in question boldly proclaims “STUMP REMOVAL IN MINUTES.” Several staples can be seen affixing the unwelcome advertisement to the weathered wood stump, which the Redditor said is basically “a piece of wood that has been removed from the ground and looks very cool as part of a native plant landscaping area.”

Native plant gardens like this one play an important role in supporting local ecosystems. By growing indigenous species, gardeners can provide vital food and shelter for birds, bees, butterflies, and other wildlife. Choosing native over exotic ornamental plants also tends to save water and reduce the need for polluting pesticides and fertilizers.

So, for this earth-friendly homeowner, the stapled-on eyesore wasn’t just invasive — it was an affront to their environmental efforts.

Many commenters shared a sense of eco-exasperation.

“Stump or not, I’d be pretty upset that someone STAPLED their business advertisement on my property,” one user sympathized.

“Going onto someones property and stapling a sign up without the owners consent is an a****** move. F*** the hustle,” another chimed in.

Others suggested fighting back with the power of online reviews. “Give them a 1-star review on Google,” advised a commenter. “They shouldn’t have come onto your property to post a flyer, period.”

While a few staples might seem small in the grand scheme, this relatable Reddit moment shows how individually disrespectful actions can really “stump” people trying to make a difference. 

Luckily, the clear consensus from the comments demonstrates that more and more folks aren’t willing to let careless behavior slide when it comes to protecting the planet.

The stump may still need removing, but this homeowner can take heart knowing their native plant oasis has the backing of a growing number of eco-minded allies. Together, we can all build a future where people know better than to trample on each other’s efforts to live lighter on the Earth.

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