Home-based business gets called out online for ‘rude and degrading’ signs towards food delivery riders, Singapore News


Long wait times are common in the F&B scene, and it’s never a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

But one home-based business in Singapore has recently come under fire for their signs which demanded food delivery riders to wait patiently or consider other jobs “that require no waiting”.

A photo of the “rude and degrading” placards was posted by Instagram account SG Riders on Tuesday (April 23).

The first sign included instructions on how delivery riders should collect orders, with a note informing riders that they “can sit down on bench FOC [free of charge]”.

Another sign below read: “If you arrive early… learn to wait!!! Orders take time to prepare… You can always cancel your order.”

A third sign said: “If you cannot wait… maybe this job [is] not for you… Here are some jobs that require no waiting you can consider: Toilet cleaner, gravedigger, landscaping, eldercare.”


Deeming the remarks “uncalled for and unnecessary”, SG Riders explained in their caption that the earnings of delivery riders are dependent on the speed at which orders are completed and sought for empathy and understanding if riders come across as impatient.

“As riders, long wait times and unreasonable vendors are just some longstanding issues that affect our livelihood,” the account wrote.

“We hope that other business can be less antagonistic and kinder to riders in the future.”

While the post did not name the home-based business, netizens identified the vendor as Bincho Brews, which sells specialty coffee and cookies.

According to the business’ Instagram page, they are Muslim-owned and located in Punggol.

Netizens also pointed out that the they have since turned off all comments to their posts and are “no longer accepting orders” on at least one food delivery platform.

The snide signages have raised eyebrows, with commenters slamming the business owner for being rude and disrespectful.

“Even if they ever experienced rude riders, I don’t think it is necessary to write all that,” wrote an Instagram user.

“The [free of charge] threw me off already, then they go on with the “cancel order” then with the recommended jobs they think that is degrading but actually [are jobs] that requires patience, energy and hard work.”

“That last cardboard [sign] is uncalled for. Are you indirectly looking down on riders?” Questioned a netizen.

“How rude! If rider has to wait, I’m more than happy to offer him a drink. Treat all riders/drivers with respect as how you want to be treated please,” said another.

But one netizen claiming to be a neighbour of the home-based business owner wrote in the comments that the post did not tell the “real story”, and that the delivery rider had started an argument with the owner.

Another commenter who identified themselves as a food delivery rider also said she had chatted with the business owner multiple times, and that the latter “is really nice”.

“Not sure why she put up the cardboard [sign], I agree that the last cardboard was unnecessary,” she wrote.

“Not siding anyone here, but instead of posting online and bashing the business in the comment section, maybe it’s good that the person who took this photo direct message the business and tell them that it is unnecessary, and this might hurt other riders.”

AsiaOne has reached out to Bincho Brews for more information.

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