Cargojet Enters Partnership to Boost China-Canada E-Commerce


Cargojet Inc. (TSX: CJT) has partnered with China-based Great Vision HK Express to support the booming Chinese e-commerce sector.

Cargojet, a leader in time-sensitive air cargo services across North America, will provide the air support to bolster Canada-China services.

This three-year agreement establishes scheduled charter flights between Vancouver, B.C., and Hangzhou, China.

Cargojet will utilize its B767-300F aircraft to operate a minimum of three flights per week, catering to the surge in e-commerce activity.

The program commenced on May 22, 2024, with eight successful flights completed to date. Overall, it is expected to generate over CAD $160 million in total revenue over the term.

China-Canada E-Commerce Business

“This partnership leverages Cargojet’s well-known record of on-time performance and reliability,” said Jamie B. Porteous, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Cargojet.

“Combined with our extensive network connecting Vancouver to 15 other Canadian cities, Great Vision HK can offer superior services to Chinese e-commerce providers. This ensures their products reach customers across Canada efficiently.”

“We are constantly seeking ways to optimize our assets and aircraft,” added Pauline Dhillon, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Cargojet.

“This collaboration with Great Vision HK presents a strong partnership opportunity.”

End-to-End Logistics

“This agreement marks a significant milestone for Great Vision HK,” stated Christine Cheng, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer.

“Partnering with Cargojet, a Canadian industry leader, allows us to provide our Asian customers with top-tier transportation solutions.”

Great Vision HK offers a comprehensive end-to-end logistics chain for China-Canada-China trade.

Their services encompass pick-up, pre-sorting, international air freight, customs clearance, distribution, last-mile delivery, and after-sales support.

“International air freight is a critical element of this logistics network,” explained Cheng. “Through this strategic partnership with Cargojet, we are confident in delivering exceptional reliability and efficiency to our clients. This further fosters trade between China and Canada.”

A Cargojet Boeing 777 freighter on the runway.
Photo Credits: Cargojet

About Cargojet

Cargojet is Canada’s leading provider of premium air cargo services, offering dedicated, ACMI, and international charter solutions to all major North American cities.

The company boasts a fleet of 41 aircraft and transports over 25 million pounds of cargo weekly.

About Great Vision HK

Great Vision HK Express functions as a logistics company specializing in e-commerce deliveries between China and Canada.

Here’s what they do:

End-to-End Logistics

Great Vision HK Express offers a comprehensive service for online sellers. This includes picking up goods in China, pre-sorting them, handling international airfreight, customs clearance, warehousing and distribution within Canada, and even last-mile delivery to the end customer.

Partnership with Cargojet

To handle the airfreight portion of their service, Great Vision HK Express contracts with established cargo airlines.

Their current partner is Cargojet, a Canadian company that operates Boeing 767 freighters for them.

Focus on E-commerce

Their current focus seems to be on the booming China-to-Canada e-commerce market. Their recent partnership with Cargojet involves operating at least three flights per week between Hangzhou, China and Vancouver, Canada to specifically address this demand.

Overall, Great Vision HK Express acts as a middleman, managing the entire logistics chain for e-commerce businesses and partnering with airlines like Cargojet to handle the air cargo movement.

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